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All aboard to explore east Indonesia. The Eastern part of Indonesia is popular nowadays between the travelers or divers. Not only in Komodo Island, but also Raja Ampat in West Papua. It may because of many kind of activities you can do such as sailing with Phinisi, Overland trip, bird-watching, snorkeling, diving and other activity or combination of them. Above all, you can experience based on your needs. We provide our best service to help you explore more about Indonesia with reasonable prices and comforts offered. Whether you want to explore the magnificent landscapes by doing our overland trip or you want to sailing across the Komodo or Raja Ampat sea with one of our Phinisis, it is up to you. We trust every personal needs are worth to be realized and our goals is to help you make your dream vacations come true!

Floresrunaway is one of the pioneers in sailing and travelling business in Komodo. Back in 2013, we start this business based from personal experience of discovered the unique charm of natural beauty and life of Komodo Island. We’re very happy to delivered unforgettable memories to our guests for years and would loved to assist you to make a memorable experience for a lifetime. Our tour packages suits a family trip, couple trip or single traveler, let us know what kind of trip do you want by contacting us now and we’ll help you to arrange everything in the easiest way possible, as well as live on board sailing adventures.

Let your legendary journey begin with us!

Charter A Private Yacht

We are passionate about yachting. Let us help you to find the best yacht  for you and your family! Explore the beauty of  Indonesia on your private yacht. there is no better way. The Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat offer you stunning landscapes and world-class Diving

Be it on a small cozy private yacht for you and your Family or on the biggest Yachts in Indonesia a big wedding or a private birthday all is better on a Yacht.

We are sure we can find the right experience for you!

Visit the Komodo Dragons

The King of the Komodo island! This ancient creature is truly impressive.  with up to 2.6m and nearly 100 kg they feed on deer, wild pigs and buffalos. To meet them in the wild island world is a breathtaking experience. They live on Komodo and on Rinca and can be seen sometimes on the beaches checking their territories.


Explore Flores by Land

Kelimutu is a volcano, close to the small town of Moni in central Flores island in Indonesia. The volcano is around 50 km (31 mi) to the east of Ende, Indonesia, the capital of Ende regency in East Nusa Tenggara province. The mountain has three volcanic crater lakes that differ in color.

The Ingko Spiderweb Rice Fields

This amazing man made structures can be best seen form the village of  Cara near to Ruteng. After a short walk from about 10 minutes you have this beautiful  view over the valley. Depending on the time in the year and on the date of the harvest this site shows its different beautiful faces.

See the Culture

The village of Wae Rebo in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara is like heaven above the clouds. It takes a struggle to reach this village. However, what you will get when you arrive at the location is certainly comparable to the journey taken. It is truly a beauty that is difficult to describe in words, a traditional village with towering thatched roofs in the middle of a stretch of green hills.

Sail Komodo Like Lost LeBlanc

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Sail Komodo Like Lost LeBlanc

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What Our Guests Say..

“We are two families with eight people and Samara II is an amazing boat! It has plenty of room for us. The chef is great and always ready to serve us. And the captain, Mr. Stefan always ensured that we were safe. We love the crew too, they are amazingly helpful. Not just us, the parents, but also our four teenagers had a great time visiting Komodo National Park. We highly recommend Samara!”
Ferry K
“My friends and I wanted to bring our families for a relaxed but fun holiday for our four very energetic kids. We picked Samara II and we were very satisfied. We had the privilege of having Fresa as our chef since their regular chef was on holiday. Fresa made sure our meals were delicious and kids friendly. The crew was not only friendly, but they took care of our rambunctious kids, took us for a picnic on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. They even devised a rope chain link thingy to make sure the kids could just hook their hands on the rope and got towed to see the manta. The rooms were always clean and snacks were available on request. If you want to be spoiled while having a lovely holiday in Labuan Bajo, choose Samara II or its sister boat; Samara I, you will not regret it.”
Michelle A
“Best crew, best chef - always making sure that the boat is nice and clean. The kids loved sitting on the deck looking at the breathtaking view of all the islands! All in all, just perfect.”
Ayu Nadya
“Very well organized, incredibly lively and warm crew. Note worthy, the professional and attentive attitude to every passenger. Very knowledgable and helpful. We had an amazing experience, such as hiking, trekking and snorkeling despite the fact that we are not very "sporty", but the crew made sure we were ok every step of the way. Delicious food and great service. Thank you Samara for making this a memorable experience.”
Joe L