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About Us

When experience become your inspiration

Hello there! I and all the team here in floresrunaway, we are always passionate to deliver our best service to you. From the time you contact us, we discuss everything you want to be in your package, until you safely back home and share your experience with all your loved ones. We believe that your experience might become others inspiration. When I had the opportunity to visit Labuan Bajo back in 2012 to discover the beauty and the wildlife of the Komodo Islands, I’m immediately fell in love. Thus, I decided to gather all the experience and knowledge I gained to share the beauty to people in a way that would make me truly happy. We believe that exploring Indonesia and or any other part of the World will enrich you with an experience that will last for your whole life.

Started at 2013, we are one of the pioneers in the sailing and traveling business in Komodo. We continue to take people on unforgettable journeys, by sea and by land. We’re also always developing our service and products to enrich our own knowledge and provide you with even better option. Our goal is to be able to provide a package which is mainstream or tailor-made with best rates and excellent service. Contact and tell us your expectation, we will design it for you, so you can do your other priority while we arrange your vacation. We want to make it possible for you to have your most legendary vacation with easiest way possible!

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