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Visit Komodo

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Visit Komodo

Stunning Nature Right In Front of You

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Home To The Last Dragons

Komodo island is administratively a part of East Nusa Tenggara. The iconic spots of Komodo Island, such us Padar Island, Rinca Island, Komodo Island and Pink Beach, you may already have a glimpse overview in your idea. However, there is still some secret places that not many people visits or know about. Let us be your guide to get you there, to explore the secret paradise of the island.

Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to go to Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo is a ideal embarkation and disembarkation for a boat or Phinisi to Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo harbor is also near the airport, which the easiest way to reach Labuan Bajo from Bali or Java Island or other island is by taking a flight. 

See The Komodo Dragon

Komodo island is the habitat of Komodo the largest lizard on Earth, which is named after the island. It inhabit Komodo Island and some of the smaller surrounding island. When you visit them, you will be guided by the experienced ranger so you can enjoy the visits and feel safe at the same time.

Swimm With Mantas

Swimming with Manta Rays is also a essential for you who loved to discover the beauty of underwater life. The crystal clear water and their appearance is one of the best combination you’d ever seen. However, there is also possible to meet them even you are not swim or snorkeling, you can watch them onboard a boat! Manta Rays are not dangerous and have shown a curious behavior at the approach of humans. 

The Flying Fox

Kalong island where the bats lived, offer you a showy evening. When you chill out on the boat to watch the sunsets, there will be a covey of bats flying through the evening sky right above your boat. A serene and romantic evening for you and your loved ones.

Deers in Komodo

There are also some animals you may found by surprise when you are exploring the island. A deer, buffalo, pigs, also inhabit some of the island. If we’re lucky, than we will also meet some dolphin playing and greet us on our voyages!