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Kurabesi Explorer Liveaboard & Charter will take you to eastern Indonesia, a living paradise on earth, where you can immerse yourself in nature, interact with friendly, authentic people, learn traditional music, and savor local delicacies.

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From $2'160.00


To live up to our motto of being “The Boutique Liveaboard”, attention has been given to every aspect of the Arenui to ensure that it fully embodies our philosophy of providing a unique dive holiday experience. We aim to provide the best there is in terms of diving and leisure activities, without sacrificing any of the comforts and luxury you would expect to get from a 5 star hotel on land.

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From $5'280.00


Sequoia Yacht has helped transform a once difficult journey in one of the earth’s most remote corners into one of the most exclusive stays in the world. Life on board Sequoia is a life well lived.

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From $7'800.00


Travel is not only about the destination, but it is also about the means. From your first step on Lamima, you will be immersed in the Indonesian culture and instantly feel welcomed by the crew.
Lamima was built with love and passion. Our message to our guests: “Come and see how beautiful the world is, and together let’s protect it.”

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From $21'000.00