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Indonesia Archipelago

As the world’s biggest archipelago, Indonesia home to over 17.000 islands with its genuine nature of each island and a kaleidoscope of cultures in their daily life. Indonesia has it all, whether you want to explore the jungle or enjoy the metropolis life, trekking or hiking the majestic mountains or strolling on the beautiful beaches, experience the rural life or traditional culture or pamper yourself in modern comforts, it is all up to your choice.

There are many popular destination of Indonesia that well-known by the public, and some of them are still wait for us to discover them. The Eastern part of Indonesia, is a hidden treasure that need to be captured in your memory. Here is the most wanted destination nowadays requested and loved by our guest, Komodo Island and Raja Ampat. There’s still many untouched spots on the land or through the seas. 

We’re glad to assist you to arrange your trip as you wish, get in touch with us and tell us more about your dream vacation. Let the legendary journey begin!

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